3 Success stories of companies who are using the ERP Connector

Many organizations struggle with the challenge to integrate the data in their ERP system to other applications within their organization such as their webshop. Exporting and transferring the data manually is time-consuming, endangers accuracy and it will never enable the availability of all information in real-time throughout all layers and channels of an organization. To solve this problem the ERP Connector is developed.

The ERP Connector is a solution that will provide a real-time connection between your webshop and your ERP system (SAP/AX). So, the data that is collected and stored in your ERP will also be shown on your website in real-time. Many companies already benefit from the ERP Connector such as PostNL, Unipart and Vink VTS. These three different companies use the ERP Connector and with the help of the connector, they increased their efficiency and smoothen their business processes.


PostNL is a leading international player in the field of B2C and B2B deliveries and fulfillment. They are operating a multichannel business model. The online shop features free and paid products and is connected to multiple warehouses which are backed by a headless, fully responsive platform fit to tackle high traffic and more than 2,5k orders every day. The fulfillment is done via the SAP FF system. The transactional platform is not only available on the new integrated PostNL website, but it’s also available to integrate on external platforms to make part of the Magento experience available on e.g. media channels or marketplaces. The ERP Connector made a connection between four warehouses and different transactional platforms in real-time. 


Based on the versatile possibilities of the Magento platform, Unipart has created an online platform with a range of bespoke functionalities: Car owners can book appointments simply by entering their license plate number and postal code and can then select a garage nearby their desired location. They serve both the B2B and B2C market and combine three different kinds of webshops, each of them with their own purposes. Integrating the ERP system with the e-commerce platforms by using the ERP Connector enabled Unipart to make their inventory, customer data, pricing, and PIM data accessible in real-time for their entire network of partnering garages. Thereby, there are fewer phone calls, less waste of time and a lower error margin. This solution has improved the shopping and search experience for both business and private customers. The connector made all inventory data accessible for a large network of partners. 

Vink VTS

Vink Holdings is a highly decentralized organization, with scores of independent subsidiaries and business units operating throughout Europe and beyond. Their new B2B online platform needed to be capable of multi-domain and multistore, manage the complex and diverse pricing structures of all individual entities and be integrated with the Microsoft AX ERP system that is run for the entire international organization. With the ERP Connector they have a loading time of less than 2 sec., -75% internal calls and +160% webshop orders. To fit the Vink VTS organization, the new Magento Commerce solution was designed to be run from a central repository by the Vink VTS corporate team but also used and adapted by local subsidiaries working with local partners. The integration of Microsoft AX with the e-commerce platforms enables Vink to offer their B2B customers correct pricing, product and delivery information which is accurately updated in real-time.

These three companies all successfully implemented the ERP Connector and are now working in a faster and more efficient way. Want to know more about the connector? Download the whitepaper here

Want to know more about the ERP Connector and if it is suitable for your organization?

Download the whitepaper: “Is the ERP Connector suitable for your organization?” here.

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