This is the out-of-the-box integration for your Magento webshop

When you are a Magento webshop owner, you need to make sure that the data in your webshop is correct. Prices can change and your stock changes every time you sell a product. You can change this information manually from your ERP to your webshop, but this is time and costs consuming and an error is easily made. Luckily, there is an out-of-the-box integration that solves all these problems for you: The SAP Connector.

Many organizations struggle with the challenge to integrate the Magento data in their ERP system to other applications within their organization. Companies nowadays have a multi-channel retailing strategy. This means that they have an overload of data coming from brick-and-mortar stores, webshops, warehouses and for example partner organizations.

Data from your ERP

Purchases happening through online channels affect inventory, production, balance and fulfillment operations. On the other hand, finance, accounts, human resource, manufacture and customer relationship data is stored and managed in the ERP. This information is equally necessary for the webshop. Exporting and transferring the data manually is often the way of working right now, but this isn’t the right solution. What is? The SAP Connector.

The SAP Connector

With the SAP Connector, you can integrate the data in your ERP with your e-commerce channel such as a Magento webshop. The connector will synchronize all your data streams. The Magento shop will then be able to run on correct data, the customer will receive the correct product information and the ERP can correctly update inventory and resource requirements. The SAP Connector is a solution that will provide a real-time connection between your webshop and your ERP system (SAP/AX). So, the data that is collected and stored in your ERP will also be shown on your website in real-time with the help of the connector.


Why the SAP Connector is an out-of-the-box solution? You only have to install a module in your Magento Commerce webshop and install the connector in your ERP. After that, they need to be configured and it is up and running. There is no extra development needed because the connector is out-of-the-box. The configuration can take a couple of days because a consultant from your ERP may be needed. But when that is sorted out, it will work in real-time in no time.

Want to know more about the SAP Connector and if it is suitable for your organization?

Download this whitepaper and get answers to the following questions:
What is the SAP Connector?
How does the SAP Connector work?
Which data types can you synchronize between your ERP and your webshop?
What are the benefits of using the SAP Connector?
Which other companies use it and what do they use it for?
Is the SAP Connector suitable for my organization?

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