Pimcore is becoming a commerce experience

At the beginning of October, the Pimcore event of the year took place in Salzburg: Pimcore Inspire. Youwe was present at the event and also gave a presentation. The two days were entirely dedicated to the Product Information Management System, Pimcore, and the plans for its future.

Commerce Experience 

The CEO of Pimcore, Dietmar Rietsch, said that the highlight of Pimcore until now is that they were appointed by Gartner in 2018 as a Cool Vendor. According to Dietmar, this is the starting point for an even bigger future.

The focus for now and in the nearby future of Pimcore lies in becoming a Commerce Experience. For example, Pimcore is increasingly focusing on products and the services that are needed for those products, but what is that Commerce Experience?

The Commerce platform of Pimcore is:

  • Flexible and highly performant modules for challenging commerce projects.
  • Reliable infrastructure for constant innovation to succeed online.
  • 100% Adaptable to the agile needs of evolving companies.

Enterprise growth 

Pimcore wants to offer the entire total package and for this, they will increasingly develop in the field of off-course PIM / MDM, but also DAM, CMS / UX and commerce.

The goal of the PIM system is to ensure enterprise growth. This will allow the system to grow to the next level. They want to achieve this by focusing on products, service, marketing and leaving a global footprint behind. With these four focus points, Pimcore wants to ensure huge global growth.

This growth is not easily achieved, of course, but Pimcore is already busy adjusting their system and has already made more than 400 improvements, for example, and there are also more than 70 new features available. A feature that is brand new and will change a lot is the Pimcore Marketplace.

So, there is a lot going to change at Pimcore and we are very enthusiastic about that as a partner. Finally, Pimcore also lets us know that their vision is as follows:

Our vision is to own the digital world by offering complete digital transformation services to partners and companies through our 100% open source and consolidated software platform.