Akeneo Product Cloud

The Smart Way to Manage Product Information. With Akeneo, you tap into advanced technology and a broad partner network, simplifying how you handle your product data. It's about making your products stand out through efficient management, smarter supplier onboarding with AI, and access to a vast app store designed to meet the evolving needs of your business and customers.


See how Akeneo can improve your product data management, enabling you to craft better experiences over more channels.

    Why choose Akeneo?

    Ease of integration

    Akeneo PIM stands out with its seamless integration capabilities, effortlessly connecting to today's leading e-commerce platforms. Leveraging an extensive collection of connectors, it simplifies the transmission of pristine product information to your digital storefronts. This ease of integration not only streamlines operations but also empowers businesses to enhance their online presence with accurate, up-to-date product data, ensuring a competitive edge in the fast-paced digital marketplace.

    End-User Usability

    Akeneo's "Easy to Use" USP lies in its intuitive interface and streamlined product information management processes, designed to simplify complex data handling. It empowers users with minimal technical expertise to efficiently organize, enrich, and manage product data, facilitating quicker adaptation to market demands and enhancing team productivity. This user-friendly approach significantly reduces the learning curve, enabling businesses to focus on delivering exceptional product experiences with ease.

    Tid till produktion

    Akeneos USP "Time to Market" påskyndar era produktlanseringar genom att effektivisera hanteringen och berikandet av produktinformation. Denna funktion möjliggör snabba uppdateringar och gör det möjligt för företag att snabbt reagera på marknadstrender och konsumentkrav. Med Akeneo kan ni förkorta tiden från produktdesign till tillgänglighet i försäljningskanalerna, förbättra konkurrensfördelarna och kundnöjdheten genom produktlanseringar i rätt tid.

    Akeneo helps us shorten our time to market for our new products while assuring all data on all channels is accurate.

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